Workforce housing , with possible location options, make your opinion known

Dear Editor:

If you are interested in living in workforce housing, there could be options that you are not aware of. No doubt you have read about the 17 acres of land two miles from Crested Butte at Brush Creek Road that Gunnison County, Crested Butte, Mt. Crested Butte and CBMR purchased and are proposing putting 240 housing units on for workforce housing. But did you know that the town of Crested Butte owns 175 acres behind the school of which 140 acres must remain as open space and 71 acres one-half mile south of Crested Butte on Hwy. 135, which doesn’t seem to have any restrictions? Also, in Gunnison there are many parcels of land owned by the town of Gunnison, of which two are very attractive, just north of Tractor Supply and one block off Hwy. 135. The question is, where would you like to live? In the recent “Gunnison Housing Needs Assessment” survey it says, “Land already designated for affordable housing can accommodate 126 homes and multiple sites have been identified through the valley with significant potential for housing development.” The survey indicates that there are multiple sites for housing, but doesn’t indicate where they are. Without question, those who want to live in the north end of the valley would prefer to be as close as possible to their Crested Butte community. The survey goes on to say, “Units needed are allocated to the North, Mid and South Valley based on where owners and renters most want to live,” but there has been no consideration to having workforce housing anywhere except on the Brush Creek parcel. Some families would prefer to live in Gunnison where they have established a community that they don’t want to leave and it is more convenient to shopping (City Market, Safeway, Walmart, etc.). Riding the free bus to work in Crested Butte or Mt. Crested Butte is a minor inconvenience compared to leaving their established community. Hopefully, those who are making the decisions on where your future home could be would be willing to listen to what you have to say. If you are interested in living in workforce housing please participate in the following text survey. Text 423-309-4402 and voice your opinion by entering the number beside the option for the housing location that you would prefer. 1. I prefer to live in Gunnison on either the 61 acres or 321 acres where my community has been established and affordable shopping and restaurants are available. 2. I prefer to live on the property behind Crested Butte school because it is closest to my Crested Butte community. 3. I prefer to live on the 71 acres one-half mile from Crested Butte on Hwy. 135. 4. I prefer to live on the 17 acres at Brush Creek two miles from Crested Butte.

Gordon Moore