Just who are the “Friends of Brush Creek?”

Dear Mark: I am writing to clarify who, exactly, comprises the Friends of Brush Creek. I have heard talk around town and social media that the FBC group are “a bunch of rich second homeowners,” “entitled people who don’t want affordable housing in their backyards,” or even “new people who don’t know what this town needs.” It surprises some people when I say that I am a member of the Friends of Brush Creek, as are many of my friends, neighbors, children’s friends’ parents, and business owners in town. The Friends of Brush Creek is made up of residents in Larkspur, Buckhorn, Riverbend, Skyland, the Town of Crested Butte, and Crested Butte South, and other locations throughout the valley. We are people who do want to see more affordable housing in the valley, especially as town is growing at an unprecedented rate. We are working people raising families hoping that the character of our little slice of paradise isn’t changed by a multiplex whose density does not fi t into 14 acres at the corner of a busy, two-lane road and a busy two-lane highway. We are people who question the process by which Mr. Gates has gotten this far and how he proposes to continue with this project given the mammoth hurdles of infrastructure he faces. We are not swayed by slick marketing and advertising. We will continue to have a presence at the meetings and in the media. We are committed to help find solutions to the affordable housing problem that disperses people throughout the valley. For those who would like to know more, please visit www. friendsofbrushcreek.org.

Kim Dunn, parent, Larkspur resident, and Gunnison Valley registered voter