Spread out the density of rental housing beyond Brush Creek

Dear Editor:

The Brush Creek Gates proposal is too dense. It could be smaller and affordable. Find a way… I think in analogies. It’s like “pocket fishing” where the schools of trout gather in the deep puddles, out of sight, not the whole river of fi sh, just a few fi sh behind a rock. Such is how the affordable housing pockets should be dispersed throughout the valley. If Crested Butte needs a percentage of the total workforce then build close or in town to meet that. If Mt. Crested Butte needs a certain percentage, build that there. Gunnison has the largest need so build to that need there, not miles away, through snow and sleet, busy highways, etc. Do a Needs Assessment/Master Plan! We have not publicly seen any Master Plan. Everyone doesn’t go to the Housing Authority or Commissioners or other websites to read the legalese, contracts, or proposals. We don’t understand the Big Picture and we deserve to know. This is our home and has been for a long time. Paint this scene with transparency. There are many pockets where housing can be built for our Valley workforce. How about that Gravel pit over by the school? How about housing instead of a pool up on Mt. Crested Butte? So many additional options are available that can alleviate the outrageous density of the Brush Creek Gates proposal. I beg the Commissioners to deny this proposal and find better answers to a dire need, if not the Most Important Issue facing our community. If they don’t, then I believe they will have unleashed a Beast! Please keep listening and not rush into this Gates proposal. I urge the Commissioners to do more hearings, more evaluations, see more ideas, find more suitable solutions, do a Needs Assessment/Master Plan.

Suzanne Pierson