Brush Creek concerns very dierent om the Snodgrass situation

Dear Mark:

While it is usually easy to dismiss Norton’s Notions, as he is a stuck clock perpetually chiming out growth at all costs, I found his conflation of the Friends of Brush Creek with the Friends of Snodgrass to be particularly noxious. While one can debate the merits and impacts of lift-served skiing on Snodgrass ad nauseam (and we have), the impacts of a 240-unit rental housing development at the 13-acre corner of Brush Creek and Highway 135 are far more stark. As a Larkspur homeowner and Friend of Brush Creek, I am a proud NIMBY regarding the Gatesco proposal. Norton is correct that we would like to “kill this baby in the crib” as this “baby” has the potential to radically alter the landscape and community of the entire north end of the valley. That does not mean, however, that we are simply shouting no to any affordable housing development efforts on this parcel. The Friends of Brush Creek is supportive of other options that match the character of the surrounding community like the Enclave proposal. In this respect, our opposition to the Gatesco development is vastly different from the winner take-all approach to the Snodgrass opposition and should scarcely be mentioned in the same breath, regardless of what Norton thinks is the degree of underlying support.


Benjamin Dunn